ATS Difference: Employee Testimonials

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Matthew Anstandig
Financial Analyst
I started at ATS as an intern during my senior year of college. I have always been interested in aviation.
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Martine Auguste
Ramp Agent
It is safe and friendly.
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Randy Brown
Ramp Lead
The best thing about working for ATS is the fast-paced environment.
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Justin Cahill
Cargo Agent
Working at ATS is incredible. You never know what you’re going to see.
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Shana Casteel
Ramp Supervisor
ATS feels like a second home.
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Christopher Cirino
Ramp Agent
My experience working at ATS has been exciting and rewarding
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Tatyana Clark
Customer Service Agent
I like being a Customer Service Agent and being able to work with the management.
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Amy Craft
Station Manager
The environment at ATS is one that is founded on teamwork. It’s a pleasure to come to work each day and interact with co-workers
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Roy Davis
Cargo Supervisor
ATS is a friendly atmosphere. You get to travel to and work at other stations occasionally.
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When you work at ATS, itís a fun environment.

Jason Faris
Cargo Supervisor

Everyday is different and you interact with other departments such as TSA and managers of the airlines.

Darlene Pate
Passenger Service Supervisor

The smiles you receive when you help a family be seated together is great.

Gloria Moentmann
Passenger Service Lead

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