ATS Difference: Employee Testimonial

Amy Craft
Station Manager

How long have you worked for ATS?
1 yr


Ft. Lauderdale, FL

What do you like about ATS?
The environment at ATS is one that is founded on teamwork.  It’s a pleasure to come to work each day and interact with co-workers who are hard working yet enjoy their time together.  Each employee is instilled with a sense of pride in our company and that shows in the service we provide.
I would encourage others to join our team.  They will find themselves surrounded by professional individuals with diverse backgrounds in the world of aviation.


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I have the privilege of working with customers, ramp agents, ticket agents and members of management.

David Rosario
Customer Service Agent

ATS management has created a great work environment.

Jessica Sabielny
Ramp Supervisor

I have made new friends working here.

Hope Smith
Cargo Agent

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