ATS Difference: Safety

Safety is the responsibility of each and every employee at ATS, starting with the President who is responsible for the safety and efficiency of ATS Operations. Although not inherently dangerous, Ground Operations can be unforgiving of those who do not keep safety in the forefront of their mind.

At ATS, we create a culture of safety that begins with the hiring process, is fostered through extensive and ongoing training, and is continuously re-enforced through strong and knowledgeable leadership. All of our employees are equipped with the knowledge they require to keep themselves, their team members and property of our customers and the general public SAFE.

We operate on the belief of “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. In our safety culture it includes setting baseline measurements, tracking and trending data over time and using this information to set safety goals. The ultimate purpose is to mange the operation to a no incident or accident environment.

The following form the safety “cornerstones” at ATS:


  • Senior Manager of Safety and Training assists the Regional Managers of Safety and Training and local stations with re-current training, monthly Lead and Supervisor audits, Safety Always and Safety Committees
  • Works closely with the Quality and Assurance Compliance department to implement new policies and identify areas that need attention.

Safety Commitment

  • The employees have the support of the company executives when it comes to safety. This is conveyed in the form of a written “Safety Commitment”. 

Safety Concerns

  • All employees have the ability to submit a non-punitive safety concern via email, the ATS Connection webpage, or via paper form from the “Safety Board”.
  • All concerns will be acted on.
  • Concerns may be submitted anonymously.

Job Hazard Assessment

  • Job Hazard Analysis includes risk identification and risk estimation. Once a hazard has been identified, the risk associated with the hazard must be determined and appropriate procedures and policies put in place to minimize the risk.

Safety Always Program

  • ATS operates under the philosophy that unsafe behavior needs to be addressed as it occurs. Leads and Supervisors are expected to address and acknowledge behaviors both good and unsafe. Acknowledging good safe behavior reinforces that type of behavior and encourages more of the same. Addressing unsafe behavior as it occurs allows for corrections to be implemented before the behavior can be repeated which may result in injury or accidents. The vehicle ATS uses for managing behavior is the Safety Always program.
  • “Way to Go” or positive commendations enter the employees in a monthly incentive program.
  • “Watch Outs” or unsafe behavior documentations are sent to the local safety officer and initiate recurrent training on the specific violation.

Working at ATS has given me an opportunity to work inside a very interesting job place.

Jeff Faris
Cargo Supervisor

I started at ATS as an intern during my senior year of college. I have always been interested in aviation.

Matthew Anstandig
Financial Analyst

When we all work together, it is amazing what can be accomplished.

Kelvin Gross
General Manager

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