Careers: Career Paths

ATS has opportunities for employees who wish to grow in their professional development. This is known as a career path. A career path takes place through promotions based on the abilities of the employee and may vary by station and by individual given different sets of circumstances.

First and foremost, for an employee to be promoted, s/he must understand and show a thorough understanding of safety, the company provided services, customer service, and strategic vision.

Listed below are positions employees can be promoted into within our Operations Department:
  • Vice President
  • Regional Vice President
  • General Manager
  • Station Manager
  • Manager (Ramp/Passenger Service/Cargo/Grooming/Fueling/Duty)
  • Supervisor
  • Crew Chief Agent
  • Agent (Ramp/Passenger Service/Cargo/Grooming/Fueling)

Airport Terminal Services is an internationally recognized quality ground service provider. Our team works closely with our clients (the airlines) and their customers. 

The ATS network spans approximately 40 cities throughout the United States and Canada and is home for over 2,000 respected employees. ATS is committed to the continuous development of our employees, as evident by our President, Sally Leible (over 30 years of service) and Vice President of Operations, Brian Wood (over 29 years of service), both of whom started with ATS in entry-level positions.

Safety is an important part of our daily life. Our employees receive personalized, job-specific training, as well as regular formal reviews with possible pay increases to assess the individuals’ qualities and experience with respect to their personal goals. ATS reinforces this philosophy through weekly safety meetings, bulletin boards to review policies and pertinent information, and safety quizzes. We also offer safety related incentive programs for our employees.

Itís a nice environment and we all care about each other.

Louise Mezera
Accounts Payable Coordinator

When we all work together, it is amazing what can be accomplished.

Kelvin Gross
General Manager

The environment at ATS is one that is founded on teamwork. Itís a pleasure to come to work each day and interact with co-workers

Amy Craft
Station Manager

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