ATS (Airport Terminal Services, Inc.) serves approximately 40 airports in the United States and Canada with over 2,000 employees. We are committed to delivering the aviation community quality services by maintaining the highest level of safety and supplying efficient, effective staff. 

We are dedicated to the vision that a medium sized, private and independently owned company can provide the level of focused service required in a dynamic industry currently faced with unprecedented competitive and financial pressures. Understanding that many of our customers require a global option for services, ATS is a member of the Aviance Alliance whereby each member company retains its independence and local expertise while participating in a co-operative alternative to global service providers.


Latest News:

ATS Selected as Service Provider for the Newest All Nippon Airways Destination 
ST. LOUIS, MO, USA April 1, 2014 All Nippon Airways (ANA) announced Vancouver, BC, Canada as the next travel destination in their network. Airport Terminal Services (ATS) is excited to be selected as their passenger handling representative with service starting March 30, 2014. ANA was recently awarded a 5-star rating for the second year in a row by SKYTRAX, and to-date is the only 5-star rated airline in Japan.  


Introducing our newest service offering:
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Airport Meet & Greet concierge services.
Wingtips Lounge
Now operating in our New York location.

Operating in our Vancouver location.



I have made new friends working here.

Hope Smith
Cargo Agent

The thing I like best about working at ATS is the challenge of working multiple flights on the ground.

Wilfredo Rentas
Ramp Supervisor

I like being a Customer Service Agent and being able to work with the management.

Tatyana Clark
Customer Service Agent

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